Friday, August 28, 2009

Spy Smasher - The BEST

can't find a trailer, but seeing a chapter is even better

so cool, that animation of today pays tribute.


Kane Richmond as Spy Smasher/Alan Armstrong and his twin brother Jack
Marguerite Chapman as Eve Corby/Jack Armstrong's fiance.
Sam Flint as Admiral Corby
Hans Schumm as The Mask
Tris Coffin as Drake

Spy Smasher, after escaping the Nazi's in France, returns to America to fight Nazi scum, while uncovering The Masks spy ring. Mistaken identity, sacrifice, secret hideouts... Spy Smasher delivers. Period.


Spy Smasher is without a doubt, the best serial- ever. And I am not saying it in a fan-worship kinda way, it really is. If you ran each chapter altogether as a solid movie, it would hold your attention and leave you feeling satisfied. When someone thinks of a Republic Serial, Spy Smasher is what they think of.

There is weight to this serial that I haven't seen in any other. Richmond does an awesome job portraying the twin brothers, and Coffin's performane steals the thunder from Hans Schumm's the Mask. It has the best plot line, the best character interactions, awesome set designs, locations, and superb acting. It feels like they held no expense. The opening sequence alone gives you a sense of patriotic duty and honor, prepping you for the fight ahead!

Spy Smasher is my favorite, and it is a gem that stands the test of time.

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